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Good evening and welcome to the online resting place of Beautiful Corpse.

Beautiful Corpse is a hybrid beast spawned from Horror Punk, Industrial Metal, B-Movie Techno Horror and Dark, Erotic, Electronica covered in Blood.

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Beautiful Corpse combines elements of ancient supernatural lore with modern world technology to conjure up a dark array of ritualistic rhythms, industrial atmospheres and electro anthems from beyond the grave.

Beautiful Corpse is:

Sevigny - Vocals, Visuals, Energy
- Guitar, Vocals, Enthusiasm
Perez - Bass, Vocals, Programming, Passion

Credits to:
Bunde - Drums, Percussion, Inspiration
Frederick - Vocals, Programming, Production, Skill


Beautiful Corpse originated nearly two decades ago in the form of another electronic music entity called The Lost Boys. Headed by the dark creative powers of Sanford and Perez, the combo composed and performed a number of haunting musical celebrations of the undead, immortality, blood lust and the macabre.

Though seemingly inhuman and unstoppable the eternal darkness would be short lived. With the rising sun and the release of a major motion picture by the same name, the dark duo soon parted ways and The Lost Boys' musical evolution succumbed to an early grave.

While Sanford distanced himself from his musical passion to pursue other artistic avenues, Perez continued to feed his insatiable appetite for music creation through many projects over the next several years.

With the demise of the union of Sanford and Perez the musical ideas and energy of The Lost Boys lie dormant for many, many moons.


After years of slumber, from an assumed eternal resting place, Perez has dug up the musical remains and performed a virtual digital resurrection on what was once known as The Lost Boys.

With the skeletal foundation now intact, Perez fleshed out his creature with the instrumentation and inspiration of co-creatures of the night and dark musical minds of Peeper, Sevigny, and Bunde.

Like Dr. Frankenstein in many respects, Perez has brought this musical monster back from the grave and breathed new life into his creation with the aid of unconventional ingenuity, modern technology and fresh blood.

Dawning a new physical presence and identity, the corpse of The Lost Boys has been laid to rest and the sinister spirit and black soul has been transplanted into a new.

Known as of now and for all eternity as: BEAUTIFUL CORPSE

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